4 Şubat 2010 Perşembe

Living abroad as a foreigner:

Bashar Issa is a Surian man who can speak 4 (Arabic, French, German and English) languages, age 30`s! He is a succesful lawyer who lived in Genevre for 9 years. Married with a German woman. Now he has been living in Germany but unfortunately he is unhappy!

Bashar: One day I was hanging out with my French friends. One had a child. At that time he was, I guess, 6 years old. He asked his father " Dad, why the people don`t eat monkeys?"
His father was shocked and didn`t know how to answer to this question. He told to his son"The people don`t eat monkeys son because they believe that our roots,origins are coming from monkeys. I mean we come from monkeys, they believe."

The son thought for a second and with his mindful face he answered suddenly: " Now I understand why Muslim people don`t eat pork meat!"

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